• How It Works


    Tell us what you're buying and where you're buying it


    Contact us to name the vendor you're buying from and the details of the items being purchased.


    We will need the agreed purchase price your vendor has quoted, best as a printed quote to be sure what we're all talking abiut.


    We then quote, in silver


    We'll respond within the hour with a quotation in silver, allowing you to know exactly how much silver that purchase will entail.


    You then bundle up the silver and send it to us.

    (And yes, you can do that in advance, anytime)


    You sign off


    If the quoted rate is suitable to you, you authorise us to go ahead and pay for your items.


    We'll have an online form set up for you to 'sign off' on that.


    We contact the vendor and pay


    We'll contact the vendor and make a payment in Aussie dollars. For large transactions we'll be inviting the vendor to hold your items until your silver has arrived at our office.


    We authorise the vendor to release the items.


    We'll draw down from your silver sent, and notify the vendor to make your goods availabe for pickup


    You can now organise delivery or go and collect the items.